History of Love 2 - Discussion pgs 19 (1) -24

 "With each day that passes he's blinded a little less by the beauty of the world."

History of Love Day 2 - Opening Continued or Day 2 Discussion (pgs 19-24) :   Perhaps the relic of a very early teaching of this novel - later used to continue the last lesson beyond page 19.  Often part of our opening discussion - and certainly so when we went to (the hated [by me]) Block Scheduling, and had a 90 minute period.

Lesson Overview 

This is kind of an optional class - depending on how far you get in the last class - and where you will start with the next class. See the last lesson for more detailed instructions on how to run a discussion from notes .  This was sometimes done as a separate lesson but most often was part of the opening discussion.  It all depends on (like most things) time.  The only thing you will find here (as a resource) are some additional notes.

My Lesson Notes & a sample reading page

See the last lesson for instructions - the text with my notes served as a guide for the questions, comments and ideas that I ask - though I was always ready for and often elicited the students ideas, questions, etc.  Over the years - as I wrote notes in this text - the previous years' notes and questions become incorporated into the lesson.   Again - you will find that these instructions are flexible - and I had to be - they kept changing the amount of time that we had in the classroom.


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The History of Love Day 3   Now we get into some serious discussion - the next lesson will show you how to conduct the lesson in THREE very different ways.


  The History of Love Opening Discussion

Thoughts on the Lesson 

When the amount of time that you have to teach, keeps changing - it's necessary to adjust accordinglly.  This short lesson can cover what the group work didn't.  It can stand on its own or it can come at the end of the last lesson or the beginning of the next.