The Gate of Horn and the Gate of Ivory 

This is the first sustained period that I've been able to (that means many things) work on the site.  It is going slow but I feel that getting it right is more important than loading the AwaytoTeach with content (that would be nice too).  I did get a wonderful note from a colleague who asked me if I had (and if they wanted any help in) creating a "call to action".  

I would like to think that this website - and my lessons - and my thoughts along with those of my former students and all the people that I've worked for and learned from - is that call of action.  A slow-moving, subtle, call to action.  Like most things worthwhile - they must be approach - not forced upon.  And I hope things will change - but it will take time - teacher by teacher; student by student; lesson by lesson. (2/9/24)