History of Love  - Class Discussion 75 to 92 (96)

"Life is Butiful and a Joke Forever."

Lesson Overview 

Again,  it is discussion ala  Ringmaster Teacher.  It is so rare for me to have two of these in a row (especially in World Literature) but as Leo would say: "And yet...".  There are so many connections in this book - and by running the discussion - the teacher can prepare the students to find those connections on their own - which to my mind is one of the most rewarding experiences that a reader can have.  My lesson notes are pretty complete - and they go up to page 96 but optionally stop at page 92 - depending on how far you are getting in the discussion.  Keeping track of time - while maximizing student engagement and participation is so key in this process.  For more on how to conduct this kind of discussion - please see the earlier lessons  - either from this book or from The Beginning of the Year. 

Also note that at the top of notes, I reference the next book with its respective translation - Candide translated by John Butte (Penguin).  It is important to give students enough time to order the books (or get them from the library) so they will have them when we start the next novel. 

My Lesson Notes & a sample reading page

Note - the lesson can stop at 92 (the next lesson picks up there).   See above for instructions - the text with my notes served as a guide for the questions, comments and ideas that I ask - though I was always ready for and often elicited the students ideas, questions, etc.  Over the years - as I wrote notes in this text - the previous years' notes and questions become incorporated into the lesson.  Again - you will find that these instructions are flexible - and I had to be - they kept changing the amount of time that we had in the classroom.  Because students have most likely worked in groups on some of the covered material - you will need to (and I color-coded my notes) to skip around.  I also try to change my pen color from year to year and you can see that at the top.


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(the most recent and an older) - Between these 2 quizzes - 3 periods could be quizzed.

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The History of Love Day 8 - Row Reading 75 to 92 and 94-118.  I introduce in this lesson how to make sure everything gets covered in a Row Reading that needs to be covered.


  The History of Love - Day 6 Discussion

Thoughts on the Lesson 

When we switched to the, in my mind, horrible block scheduling - I had to adjust and change so much of what we did.  This lesson part of a much larger Row Reading exercise and I made sure that the important things that need to be covered - did get covered if the students didn't bring them up. Two teacher-led discussions in a row.  And yet when I started 35 years ago, they were the only ones that I did.  So much to cover here and by the teacher leading it - and with them knowing where they want to take the students, you can cut and edit (and add) on the fly!