The Once & Future King by T.H. White

 "“The best thing for being sad," replied Merlin, beginning to puff and blow, "is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails. "

This section is a work in progress - it usually comes in my school  year after Winter Break.  The book is assigned at the beginning of the year to be finished by the time we come back from break.  In my class, this book is the most independant activity that they do all year.  They read it on their own (hopefully tying together the other things we've done as well the idea of this very old subject (Arthur) being written about in a contemporary way) - and the other work is done in a group or by themselves.  We don't have a class discussion.  I think that's on purpose.  We discuss everything else - they need a text that is theirs.

The Once & Future King Group Work #1   Docx    PDF

A pretty straight forward group or solo work.  See my page on Group Work.  The questionis try to get the students to pull all of the informaton together that they did on their own.  To get them to see the connections that hopefully they made when they were doing the reading.  It ends with a very serious contemplation of Might and Right both in the book and in other things we've read.

The Once & Future King Group Work #2   Docx    PDF

A very complicated but rewarding group or solo work that is built around tying different quotes together from things that we have read (see Grendel Chapter 5 Group Work)  - or that they may have read (like Gatsby) or things that we will read later in class.  The Once and Future King is full of references to Macbeth and other works - it really is the perfect book for British Literature. 

The Once & Future King Extra Credit Essay - The Page in Her Hand   Docx   PDF

An extra credit essay that came from a student's idea: "What was in Lady Macbeth's hand [the paper] is never knowable - even if we could ask Shakespeare.  Two other questions include linking the novel with the life of T.H. White and with the war that was going on when he wrote it.

Reading (Content) Tests (to check if students did the reading)

Reading Test Multiple Choice - Entire Book    Docx     PDF

Reading Test Short Answer Book 1 (The Sword & the Stone) with Answer Sheet    Docx    PDF

Reading Text - Honesty Test (Did you Read with an Extension for Honesty) and Multiple Choice   Docx  PDF