British Literature

"Comparing what we're looking for misses the point.  It's wanting to know that makes us matter." 
                                                                                  Tom Stoppard,   Arcadia

British Literature Overview

This is British Literature (Honors English 3) - It is the first class that I taught (and student taught) and one that I hold very dear to my heart.  I will eventually be posting why I think it is important to still be teaching British Literature - for now, in the words of one of my most recent students: "It requires just a little closer reading, making us work just a little harder, with what we know and what we are capable of doing - making us then, a little better at those things (reading, writing)".

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Google Classroom (an inactive outline)

Syllabus (syllabi)

Audio (of lessons)

Video (of lessons)

Music (the songs we listen to - usually as part of a lesson)

This is my subway poster for British Literature showing some (most) of what we read (maybe not all in the same year, but pretty darn close).  Feel free to copy and/or download a copy.