History of Love 6 - Class Discussion 46 to 74

"During the Age of Silence, people communicated more, not less."

Lesson Overview 

In the last lesson that had a class discussion, I talked about three methods that I use to hold that discussion.  In the case of today's discussion, it is Ringmaster Teacher.  Sometimes you just want to lead the discussion because you will be (as in this case) skipping around the things that they covered in their groups - and sometimes you just want to see what they have come up with - and want the entire class to share that together.  There is really nothing, in my opinion, as wonderful as a whole class discussion that everyone (including me - I always reread the books) is reading together.  See my lesson notes for more.  Please see earlier discussions and my classnotes for how the lesson is conducted.

My Lesson Notes & a sample reading page

See above for instructions - the text with my notes served as a guide for the questions, comments and ideas that I ask - though I was always ready for and often elicited the students ideas, questions, etc.  Over the years - as I wrote notes in this text - the previous years' notes and questions become incorporated into the lesson.  Again - you will find that these instructions are flexible - and I had to be - they kept changing the amount of time that we had in the classroom.  Because students have most likely worked in groups on some of the covered material - you will need to (and I color-coded my notes) to skip around.


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(two different quizzes depending on how far the students were asked to read) - The first is a "miniquiz" - shorter reading - fewer questions and it counts for less points.

Reading Quiz 65-74:  Docx   PDF   (if you follow these lessons they've already been quizzed)

Reading Quiz thru 65 Docx PDF

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The History of Love Day 7 - pgs 75-92.  I hate to have two Ringmaster Teacher lessons in a row - but there is not only a lot to cover here - there is lot to prepare the students for so that they get the best possible reading.


  The Illuminated Text History of Love Project

Thoughts on the Lesson 

It is perhaps a selfish notion - but sometimes the teacher wants to discuss (the old fashioned way).  It is what the students enjoy the most - if you are good at it - and enjoy it yourself.  It is also a great way to see how the students are doing with the reading - and if they are enjoying it.  That enthusiasm always bubbles over into the discussion.