History of Love 11 - Green Fields & Dirty Dishes GW 154-170

 "The truth is the thing that I invented so that I could live."

Lesson Overview 

Please see the Group Work itself for the lesson.  I will say that this group work has a lot to do with other literary texts - Shakespeare (Henry V) and The Great Gatsby.   The Great Gatsby and that spectacular last page will appear again and again throughout the year.  That idea of reaching for something - even if we don't get it (see also Sisyphus) is not only one of the biggest ideas in the class - it was and is the biggest idea in how I teach.   More on Group Work can be found here.


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Remote Enhancements 

When we were Remote during the pandemic - I created this combination Vertext (very short) with a short presentation on getting students in Groups and what to do (remotely) when they are in the group.  Group Work is truly a natural for remote learning - like everything Remote - it is a different beast and should be treated as such.  I hope to write more on this later.


Here is the last page of The Great Gatsby.   And the speech about Falstaff dying from Shakespeare's Henry V.

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The History of Love - Day 12 Row Reading 160 to 191.  Time for the students to show what they've come up with when they did their reading.  So much cool stuff (and revalations to uncover).


  The History of Love - Day 10 - 134 to 159 Discussion

Thoughts on the Lesson 

Sometimes it is hard to express in a class discussion that subtle thoughts that I want students to take out of a reading OR I also am sometimes (as is the case with this book) afraid of giving away a spoiler that might ruin the ending.  Much easier to control the errant slip of a tongue in a group work.