Where are the Snows of Yesteryear 

Two afternoons ago - on a lark I walked to the back of my garden to see if anything was coming up and was shocked to find a Snowdrop Flower already in bloom.  This would make the second earliest snowdrop I had ever seen (the earliest being February 4th).  When the snowdrops bloomed - when I taught - I would take my students out to see them - the first, fragile blooms of the year.   We would read Carpe Diem poems and talk about how those flowers so beautiful and new - would, in a week or two, be gone.  I would show a few videos about seizing the day - and tell the story of the day I found out about John Lennon's death.  Perhaps - part of the purpose of this website is to give others a shot at that lesson - or perhaps it is to as Andrew Marvell said "though we cannot make our sun / Stand still, yet we will make him run." (2/10/24).