Grendel 2 - Monsters + Men - Group Work Chapts 2 & 3

"The man had changed the world...and had transmuted it, and they, who knew the truth, remembered it his way--and so did I."

Grendel Day 1 - Opening Discussion Chapter 1 (and 2):   We begin the book - and we get through the first chapter and set the stage for the rest of the novel.  Chapter 2 is also assigned but is incorporated into the next lesson (but usually quizzed on this day).

Lesson Overview 

A momentous group work - by this time, they get to finally pick their own groups!  Many will pick the groups that they are doing their Beowulf Plays with (great way to keep up on that project).  They are not "wed" to their groups for the year, and can change at any time - though few do. 

This group work combines Chapter 2 & 3 - along with what we talked about in our previous class (Men and their theories - cause and effect - and the introduction of the shaper.  In addition to some questions there is also a chart that the students will be filling out.  As always in Group Work, one person will write and all members will work together and contribute.  It is around now that I have to remind (sometimes many times during one class period) the students  not to split the questions up - though it is perfectly permissable (and expected really) for them to split the "text finding" of any given question up - so that they can come up with as many specifics as possible in answering the question. 

I should point out that I only use pictures on my handouts as another way to teach - to get one more thing in.  In the case of this Group Work - there is a picture of stars in the heaven - and then a drawing, connecting the dots, of the constellation, Orion.  I don't reference the pictures - but the Group Work centers on the idea of men creating theories out of nothing - and the ideas of constellations is brought up in the book - I trust the students to make (or not) the connection.  My questions are pointed enough (with reason) - I want them to make as many critical thinking links as possible.


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Nothing that I have found...yet.   By now they have done enough group works - that putting it out there and using whatever system you have for putting students in groups online should be effective.


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Grendel - Day 3 Grendel: The Shaper Discussion and Demonstration - My students accuse me of ALWAYS saying "THIS is the most important lesson!"  But boy it's really true with the next one.  The idea of The Shaper will be referenced for the rest of the year - and it's idea that students remember years later (some much to their chagrin!)


  Grendel 1 - Opening Discussion (Chapter 1)

Thoughts on the Lesson 

There is so much here that will impact the rest of their reading and the rest of this unit.  Cause & Effect and of course The Shaper.  Students will be tired of (in a good way - I think) the idea of the Shaper (our manipulation by media) by the end of the year - and this is where it begins.  This group work also gets students to look at "us".  Though they will often see this novel from their own perspective (Grendel as a thoughtful, isolated, teenager) - they will also get a critique of how humankind operates.