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Before I can start putting my lessons up, I need to put them in some kind of order - that means both physical & digital.  I began by organizing (mostly) my binders.  For every class that I've taught - I've always kept a binder with the handouts, quizzes, reading materials that went with that unit (author/time period).  The first year that I taught I lost everything that I had done - I've always felt that was a good and necessary thing to happen.  It forced me to rethink my teaching, my lessons.  I've almost always revised a lesson - very rarely leaving it untouched from the year before - students change, time changes, reading change (less often).  It make sense to change my lessons, handouts, group works, etc.

7/7/2022 - I am transferring my files from my external harddrive onto my home computer.  There are hundreds of folders and thousands of files (there is lot done in three years) - I am not (sadly) meticulous about making backups - and some of the files/folders are corrupted, which may turn out to be bad news indeed.  But as far as I can tell it is 3 folders and one very large folder.

7/8/2022 I have been able to find two of the folders that were corrupted - the other two are either lost or I need to dig deeper.

7/15/2022 Starting to add content, beginning with the Google Classroom images from the past few years.  Not an actual working Google Classroom, but they do give a good idea of the structure of the class.  There are two versions - an IMAGE and a PDF - the PDF is especially useful for showing the questions and assignments, while the IMAGES show some of the extra content like video and audio, better.

2/2/2023 Time to come back - I knew I would know when - and I did.  I do.  I needed a breather - some distances so I could step back and see what I did, what I believe, and what I want to do.