Roger & Us 

About two and a half years ago I began a journey to watch (along with a wonderful group of friends) all of Roger Ebert's Great Movies.  A long time ago (maybe 12 years or so) I was going to do the same thing in the form of a blog - but then I remembered that I really don't like to write.  Roger Ebert wrote (and compiled in books) about 400 movies that he felt formed the core of the greatest movies ever made.  I created a list from those films, randomized it - and during the  height of the Pandemic - after learning that Zoom and Video meetings (through my classes I was teaching at the time) could actually be a great experience.  So we watch a movie a week (mostly on our own, though we have had a handful of "Watch Parties"  and get together on Tuesday night's to talk about it).  It has also given me a backdoor back into teaching - though I confess I've only started adding a teaching (bigger picture) slant the past couple of months.  But I do love it - and I love the people.  Here is the Website I've created.  Only members can view the videos - but  you can see what we've been watching.  You can visit the Roger & Us site at .  (1/31/24)