Group Work

"The heavenly-harness'd team / Begins his golden progress in the east."   Shakespeare

Roughly a third (perhaps this decreased as the years went on) of my classtime was given over to Group Work.  Learning to work in groups is essential for so many reasons.  Here are some quick points about Group Work.

When students don't do the reading
As soon as they finish the quiz, the will put it on my desk and push desks together and get started on the group work - they will have the rest of the period to finish it.   It is also important to grade those quizzes right away - as they turn them in - so you can see who read - and who did not.  The students know that if they didn't read, they are not allowed to get into a group and must instead do the reading now.  When they finish reading, they may get started on the Group Work by themselves (OR - if another student didn't do the reading they can work on part of it together (turning in what they get done, and finishing the rest for homework - or they can each write, and turn it in tomorrow).  In any case - there should be no penalty for students who didn't read turning in the group work the next day - they have already paid the grade price on their quizzes and having to do the Group Work for homework.