World Lit Syllabi

"Where's my syllabus to guide me through life?" Megan McCafferty

My syllabi tend to give more of a structure, an approach than to give an exact plan. We had a wonderful teacher at Whitney Young who used to write his syllabus at the end of the previous year - as soon as we knew the next year's calendar. Every single day of the year was laid out - what would happen in class, what the homework and readings were - and how they would cover it. I never knew how he did it. I always tried to be at least a few days ahead of the game - and that was the best that I could do. But it did allow us to go where we willed and were the learning took us. During the Pandemic, I didn't create a syllabus for any of my classes - things were too volatile - and I knew that I had I to be flexible - in both what we did - and how we did it. The Google Classroom outlines that you can find on the site are a much better way to get an overview for the Pandemic Years. For now anyway, I will only make docx and pdf versions of the most recent and the oldest (that I can find) syllabi.

Honors English IV (World Lit) Syllabus 2019-2020 docx pdf

My most recent syllabus - we left in March of this years due the pandemic - see my notes above. In many ways the culmination of what I learned about what needed to be said beforehand - while remaining flexible.

English IV (Journ/World Lit) Syllabus 1995-1996 docx pdf

The oldest syllabus that I could find. I am sure there are older ones - perhaps copied on a mimeograph machine - I will look. The course had a dual focus then - World Liteature and Journalism. I (and I think the students) loved putting these ideas together.