British Literature Lessons/Handouts

 "And when I am forgotten, as I shall be, and asleep in dull cold marble, where no mention of me must be hear of, say, I taught thee."            Shakespeare, Henry VIII

A NOTE on Lessons: The plan now is to make these Main Lesson Pages a jumping off point - each lesson will have it's own link.  If you are a Registered User,you will, in addition to the handouts and descriptions, be able to hear audio of the lessons being used, and in some cases video as well - though this feature is far down the line in terms of imlementation.  In any case, handouts and their descriptors will be public.

The Anglo-Saxons Part 1

Beowulf Begins - Lo! (Around the Campfire)

Beowulf pages 27-35 (reading)

Beowulf Group Work #1 - "I Could not Leave Him"
  Heroes of 9/11 and Beowulf

Beowulf pages 35-41 (reading)

Beowulf handout and pages 41 -

Putting on the Beowulf - Acting out the Final part of the story

Grendel by John Gardner

A book mark for reading

Poems before Grendel

Chapter 1 (reading)

Chapters 2 & 3 (reading)

Grendel - Men & Monsters Group Work

Chapter 4 (reading)

Chapter 5 (reading)

Grendel - Life is an Accident Group Work

Chapter 6 (reading)

Chapters 7 & 8 (reading)

Grendel - Freeing Baby Grendel Group Work

Chapter 9 (reading)

Grendel A Vertext for Chapters 8  & 9 

Chapter 10 (reading)

Grendel - The Death of the Shaper Group work

Grendel 11 & 12 (reading)

Grendel - Vertext of the Ending with Handout
                      the above - done as Group Work

High Noon Movie Questions

Grendel & Beowulf Exam

The Anglo-Saxons Part 2

Intro and Poems from the Exeter Group (reading)

The Venerable Bede Group Work

Celtic Intro & Poems (reading handout)

Celtic Poems and AS Riddles

One More Anglo-Saxon Poem and another Celtic one as well

The Seafarer - A Class performance and Discussion

The Wanderer

My Heart Leaps Up - An Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Text Project

My Heart Leaps Up assignment

Illuminated Texts - Power Point Tutorials
Illulminated Texts - Keynote Tutorials

Illuminated Texts - Some outstanding examples